When you wear Thumb Friends (corrector), does it come into contact with your skin and make your skin moist or red?

Thumb Friends (corrector) is a product with increased ventilation by making the grooves in the area where the finger touches as wide as possible. However, depending on the child’s habit, the wearing time may vary and the skin may become damp or red. In that case, loosen and wipe it every hour before wearing it, or remove the belt and use it as a finger puppet. You can play with finger puppets while minimizing the contact area, which helps to correct habits. 

My child wears it and then pulls it off easily. What should I do?

Thumb Friends (corrector) is designed to be double-locked with a wristband. However, it is not recommended to force a child to wear it. If the child is uncomfortable, please take it out for a while rather than force it in. Above all, it is most important to make the Thumb Friends (correctors) recognized as toys. After spending some more time with the book, replace it with a new character and encourage them to have fun through play.􄟃 

It is uncomfortable for a child to put it on his/her finger, how can I put it on?

Rather than putting it on your hands at first, we recommend playing with the finger puppets to get acquainted with the character. After you have had enough time to get to know each other, if you put on Thumb Friends (correctors) that fit the size that you do not want to tighten, the rejection will be greatly reduced.

Do I have to wear it 24 hours a day?

It may depend on the level of your child’s habits. If your child continues to suck on their fingers, wear them during the day. If your child is accustomed to Thumb Friends and does not suck their fingers during the day, wear them only while sleeping and release them when you wake up in the morning.

Wouldn't it be too uncomfortable for a child to wear while sleeping?

The habit of hand-sucking occurs most often when children are sleeping. If your child sucks when he sleeps, read the book repeatedly before going to bed. After getting close enough with your character friend through finger puppet play, induce them to say, “Oh, shall we sleep with our character friend today?” If you recognize Thumb Friends (correctors) as character friends, your child’s discomfort will be greatly reduced.

I'm biting, biting, and sucking Thumb Friends (correctors), but I'm worried if it'll be okay.

Thumb Friends (corrector) is a reliable 100% domestically produced platinum silicone and is a bis-free product that is safe for environmental hormones. In addition, it boasts a tensile strength that can withstand up to 2KG, so it is not easily torn even if a child bites or tears it. However, if the child continues to bite and tear, it is necessary to sufficiently recognize Thumb Friends as character friends through books and finger puppet play.

How long can the correction period be?

We do not recommend any hasty or coercive habit correction for Baninoon. Rather than forcibly recommending something that my precious child doesn’t like, please allow at least a month to observe so that the child can play with it and correct it. Slowly approach your child to think of Thumb friends (braces) as toys that can be played with finger puppets, rather than as beings that make their fingers uncomfortable.

Can I wash my hands while wearing Thumb Friends?

You can wash your hands while wearing Thumb Friends (corrector), but the water may not dry well. We recommend removing the Thumb Friends (corrector) before washing your hands.

Is it possible to sterilize Thumb Friends (corrector)? What is the disinfection cycle?

Thumb Friends (corrector) can be used in hot water sterilization, baby bottle sterilizer, and dishwasher. In the case of hot water disinfection, we recommend within 2-3 minutes. (Heat-resistant temperature 200℃) The disinfection cycle may vary depending on the frequency of use of the child. If the product becomes contaminated during use, be sure to disinfect it before wearing.

Can the Thumb Friends (corrector) case be sterilized?

The case cannot be sterilized with hot water. We recommend wiping it with a wet tissue or a clean dishcloth from time to time.

Can't I use it on other fingers other than my thumb, such as my index and middle fingers?

Thumb Friends (corrector) is designed to be worn on the thumb. We will do our best to release a corrector that can be used for the index and middle fingers in the future 🙂

Is there a specific time to replace Thumb Friends (corrector)?

Thumb Friends (corrector) can be used semi-permanently. We recommend that you purchase a new product if it is contaminated or damaged.

Wouldn't it be a problem for finger muscle growth?

Thumb Friends (corrector) has an ergonomic design that does not interfere with the child’s muscle growth, so you can use it with confidence.

Is it possible to separately purchase only the Thumb Friends (corrector) character?

Thumb Friends (corrector) characters are sold as a set. Unfortunately, it is difficult to purchase only one separately. We recommend that you meet various characters by purchasing a set.

Can I exchange or repurchase just the wristband?

It is not possible to purchase individual wristbands alone. If you have any difficulties or inquiries regarding the wristband, please contact the customer center. We will do our best to help you as much as possible.